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About Us

Our restaurant was established in Oxford in 1977 originally situated just metres away down the road on George Street. Although we moved we are stlll committed to using the freshest and best quality ingredients in all our dishes. This has allowed us to remain successfully in business and expand.

Since those humble beginnings we have continuously innovated our menu to now include dishes from all over China .


Much of our menu you will be familiar with already, but we have many dishes which have been specially selected from various regions in China, like Shanghai, Sichuan and Yangzhou as well as Hong Kong. These dishes will seem unusual to you, but they are in fact what Chinese eat in their homeland which is why you will see many Chinese customers in our restaurant. This is a testimony of our success.

For authenticity, we use specially imported Chinese ingredients, so many of the dishes you see in our menu you will not taste anywhere else in the UK.

Take a look at our menu, and come visit us

Some of our mouth-watering dishes 

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